Joseph Smith on Food Storage

Noah was a perfect man, and his knowledge or revelation of what was to take place upon the earth gave him power to prepare and save himself and family…This knowledge, or revelation, . . . was not believed by the inhabitants of the earth….they could not endure the new revelation: the old we believe because our fathers did, but away with new revelations. And the flood swept them away. (Joseph Smith manual, chap 16)

If—verily I say unto you—if the Church with one united effort perform their duties; if they do this, the work shall be complete—if they do not this in all humility, making preparation from this time forth, like Joseph in Egypt, laying up store against the time of famine, every man having his tent, his horses, his chariots, his armory, his cattle, his family, and his whole substance in readiness against the time when it shall be said: To your tents, O Israel! Let not this be noised abroad; let every heart beat in silence, and every mouth be shut. (Joseph Smith, History of the Church 2:145)

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