Active Shooter Preparation

We all like to think that we are safe, that we live/work/study/worship in a safe place. Hopefully, nothing will change and we will all continue to be safe.

However, recent events around the country and the world should be warning us that we might not be as safe as we would like to think we are.

First, there was the recent shooting at a small Baptist church in a small town in Texas – an horrific event. Second, there are ever increasing calls from ISIS and other terrorist organizations urging their members and sympathizers to attack large groups of people, especially in churches, and especially in small towns for the purpose of spreading terror and chaos.

That means it CAN happen here. It CAN happen to YOU, or me. So, what can you and I do about it?

There are two choices, one of which significantly increases the risk of death for you and your family members. The second increases your chances of survival. If you choose the first option, just ignore the danger and hope it never happens to you. If you choose the second, you can start now (if you haven’t already) to prepare yourself for the possibility.

Five years ago, I began serving a mission at LDS Church Headquarters downtown Salt Lake City. Within a month, I had to take Active Shooter Training. If you know anything about missionaries for the LDS Church, you should know that they do not carry weapons. Therefore, this training was NOT about how to kill the shooter. Much of the attached handout is a result of that training. The rest of it comes from a subscription alert system that notifies of dangerous situations, then later, analyzes events.

The best way to increase your chances of survival, and those of your family members, in case of such an event, is to prepare yourselves ahead of time. It is therefore my sincere hope that you will read the information below and discuss it with your family members. Remember, the Lord helps those who help themselves!

In addition, please feel free to share this information with others whom you love and care about.


Active Shooter Preparedness

            The following report is partly quoted, partly paraphrased, from, and also from a training film used by the LDS Church and others:

Sunday 5 November 2017 there was a mass casualty shooting incident at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, located about 30 miles east of the city of San Antonio. In what would turn out to be the deadliest mass shooting by an individual in Texas, one of the deadliest in the United States, as well as the deadliest shooting in an American place of worship in modern history, the gunman, 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley, methodically killed 26 and injured 20. Kelly was himself shot twice by a civilian as he exited the church. Fleeing in his SUV, the suspect crashed after a high-speed chase and was found dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

As should be expected, large churches and small-town houses of worship across the U.S. are organizing security teams, practicing active shooter drills and beefing up physical security measures to counter a growing threat from crazed individuals as well as calls for attack on churches and other holiday gathering sites by groups such as the Islamic State.

Readers are reminded that less than one year ago, Islamic State sympathizers circulated a list of US churches via a militant social media site, and called on supporters to attack them during the holiday season. At that time, the Department of Homeland Security, FBI, and National Counterterrorism Center issued a joint intelligence bulletin “intended to remind security planners and first responders to remain vigilant for indications of nefarious operational planning this holiday season.”

Readers are also reminded that early last year, knife-wielding Islamists stormed into a church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray France, forced the priest to his knees, slit his throat and filmed themselves appearing to preach in Arabic at the altar. The two hostage-takers were shot dead by police as they came out of the church shouting “Allahu akbar.”

AlertsUSA encourages responsible gun owners of faith to reach out to their church leadership and offer to help secure the premises during services and other gatherings. In addition to local police departments who are always willing to perform security reviews and to step up patrols, there are also dozens of private sector organization offering courses and guidance to groups taking on these responsibilities. While it is rare that AlertsUSA engages in editorializing, we feel it is important to point out that if guns are responsible for killing people, then pencils are responsible for spelling errors. The problem is not the guns. The problem is the rapidly changing morality and [disregard for the sanctity  of] life in our culture, and as such, increased vigilance and security awareness is paramount.

A simple Internet search will produce dozens of [links to official preparedness and response resources provided by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI, and thousands of other non-official but valuable documents and films.] Consider sharing these resources with church leaders, facility managers and others in related leadership positions.     [End of report.]


Here is a list of what all recent mass shootings have in common:


  1. They occurred in “gun-free zones,” or places where concealed-carry by law abiding citizens was prohibited.

[End of list.]


Predictably, the mass media and spokespersons for the Globalist agenda (you know who they are—especially those in your own country (D&C 38:28-30) who “seeketh to overthrow the sovereignty of all lands, nations, and countries;” (Ether 8:22-25) by (a) weakening the nation, (b) converting free institutions to socialism, (c) sowing discord, and (d) undermining the moral and intellectual foundations of the society) are calling once again for forced disarmament of the population. This would not only be an evil on a much greater scale, but is just the opposite of what is needed to promote the safety of Christian congregations in the present environment.

Personal Strategy for Dealing With an Active Shooter Incident as an Armed Person:

Accept the risk and take him out before he kills any more of your friends. “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” ~ John 15:13

Just remember, you don’t save anybody by dying–you save them by being sure of your target, shooting before you are shot, and, perhaps above all else, shooting accurately, which requires extensive training and hundreds of hours of practice on a regular basis.

The following protocol has been approved by the Department of Homeland Security.

Personal Strategies for Dealing with an Active Shooter Incident as an Unarmed Person:

 1)         RUN:               If at all possible, escape the building and area immediately. …

*           If there is an escape path, use it! Get out!

*           Evacuate whether others agree to or not. Don’t consult. Don’t wait for concensus.  Don’t get permission–just go!

*           If you are with others who cannot leave, secure the room behind you as you leave.

*           Leave your belongings unrelated to your immediate survival behind. Travel light, fast, and quietly.  And watch for an ambush by other shooters–multiple shooters is common.

*           Help others escape if possible. Do not stop to persuade. Do not stop for victims.

*           Prevent others from entering the area.

*           Do not stop just outside the building, but get safely away from it.

*           Once safe, call 911, unless you know others already have.

*           Do not return to the scene until permitted by authorities.


2)         HIDE:              If your escape route is blocked and you cannot flee,…

*           Lock and/or barricade doors. Once locked, open to no one except the police.

*           Turn out lights. Silence your cellular phone. Remain very quiet.

*           Get out of the shooters view.

*           If possible get behind large massive objects that can stop bullets and fragments.

*           Try not to trap yourself or further restrict your own movement.


3)         FIGHT:            If your efforts at concealment fail,…

*           Attempt to incapacitate the shooter.

*           Improvise weapons.

*           Act in concert with others if they are available to help.

*           Act with maximum physical aggression.

*           Commit to your actions. Do not stop until victorious.

In general:

Always be aware of your environment, including especially the strangers there, and any oddities of  behavior. Notice and don’t dismiss things that seem out of place. Listen to your instincts.

Always have an exit plan.

Always carry a weapon of some kind. Maintain an awareness of what ordinary things around you could be used as weapons or used defensively. Gun-free zones ATTRACT mass murderers.

First Responders will be gunmen, not medics. Don’t expect medical help until the building has been cleared, and don’t let yourself appear in any way like one of the attackers. Pointing, yelling, and other similar frantic actions may make you a target of both the good guys and the bad guys.

Keep your hands high, open, and visible to the police, as they are trained to distrust hands they cannot see. They will assume the gunman may try to evacuate with the victims, and will trust no one implicitly.

Obey instantly any orders given by first responders carrying guns.

Always travel with a Get-Home Bag, and wear good shoes that will not become part of the problem if you have to run or walk a long distance.


2 thoughts on “Active Shooter Preparation

  1. So how do you feel about the LDS church insisting on no guns or weapons in church? We have about 30 people in our church with the entrance in the back and one small door behind a curtain up front to the right of the speaker. There is no place to hide and we have folding chairs. Makes me a bit nervous


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