The Sheep Look Back

Written by Leslie Fish

Two by two, to and fro, in the streets the king’s men go

Hunting anyone who’ll show signs of lacking fear.

Does he carry means of strife, fountain pen or pocket knife, any tool to save his life?

That’s unlawful here!

From the shadows robbers spy ‘til the king’s men pass them by

Then they go their trade to ply with long practiced ease.

Crash the window, force the door, smash defenders to the floor.

What’s to stop you anymore?

Treat them as you please.

When did we come down to this?

How did we give away the right that nature gives a beast to not be easy prey?

The stag may bear his antlers sharp.

The cow may bear her horn.

But we are naked to the fangs as any creature born.

Honest folk on hasty feet, fearful, helpless in the street,

Shy from any eye they meet, know how weak they are.

Shepherds far and sheepdogs few.

Wolf pack slinking into view.

What now can the poor sheep do?

How did we fall so far?

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