You have a HORSE TROUGH in your LIVING ROOM?!?

LOL, yes, there is now a horse trough residing in our living room. Furthermore, it will probably be there for several months.

horse trough

It’s currently providing shelter (from the cat as well as the elements) for 30 brand new Cornish Cross chicks that will be hopefully providing us with a nice supply of Cornish Game hens and fryers to go in the freezer in about 4 – 6 weeks.

Cornish X

My wonderful, creative, and super handy to have around husband crafted a lovely sectional top for it that “should” keep the cat from doing anything worse than drooling on the chicks.

In fact, there he now, testing it’s capabilities!

cat in the act

These adorable little peepers hatched Monday and arrived yesterday (Wednesday). I had to laugh at the phone call I received from the local Post Office to let me know they had come in. Being a rural area, I’m not the only one to order chicks through the mail (, so I was surprised when the Postmaster asked me to please hurry because this batch of chicks was LOUD! Upon arriving at the Post Office, I discovered just how loud these little peeps were – I could hear them from outside the building! It felt like their chirps were going to split my eardrums on the drive home, causing me to wonder yet again about the relative sanity of trying to brood these guys in my living room. At present though, my only other option is the laundry room, but it has a batch of 20-some one week old chicks that are destined to be added to my flock of layers, and there simply isn’t any other space for this trough.

Ah, yes. The trough. The start of this blog post… There is a partially constructed shed out back that was supposed to be the residence for the chicks. However, at present, only the foundation is done, and that is most definitely not sufficient shelter from below freezing temperatures, wind, rain, sleet, and potentially snow, not to mention predators, for the chicks. We’ve just had too much stormy weather to get the rest of it done.

Then, there’s the trough. The trough that started this, and that I keep getting distracted from… I got it used (broken in) from the local farm/feed store a couple of days ago. I went in to ask about the price of a new one, and, oh, by the way, do you have any heat lamps (I didn’t see any in the chicken area, but thought I’d ask just to be sure.)? “What are you going to use it for?” “Brooding some chicks that are due to arrive Thursday.” (Note that EXPECTED day of arrival and compare it to the ACTUAL day of arrival.) He then offered to give me a really good deal on a used one, all set up for brooding, if I wanted to save him the time and effort of cleaning it and the equipment. SOLD! Saved me about $60 over buying new. However, the “all set up part” didn’t apply because I needed to bring it home, clean and sanitize it, dry it, and then get it moved into, ahem, our living room. Happily, most of the wood shavings that were in it at the feed store, distributed themselves along the highway as I drove home with my new treasure, saving me at least SOME of the clean-up.

And that is where this all started.

My poor husband!!!! I don’t think he had ANY CLUE what he was signing up for when he married me!

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