World’s Best Mousetrap

Rodent control —

That brings to mind a variety of unpleasant pictures.

Natural disasters are often fraught with rodent population explosions in a very short period of time.

The infamous Black Death of the Middle Ages was spread by rodents – or rather, by the fleas that lived on the rodents.

Even today, the Plague, or Black Death, is still a potential problem in areas with high rodent populations. It hasn’t been eliminated, just contained.

Mice seem to be smarter than a good many traps on the market, thus, the never-ending quest by inventors to build a better mousetrap.

Here’s my submission to the better mousetrap contest:

Blue ribbon chicken mouse catcher

In case you are having trouble identifying it, that’s a Rhode Island Red hen that caught and killed a mouse scampering around under the back steps.

Not only is she an effective catch and kill mousetrap, but she completely disposes of the mouse after she’s killed it!

No trap to bait.

No trap to empty.

No dead body to dispose of.


Mouse is gone.

And she’s more effective than my cat!!!!

Besides, the mouse gives her a nice dietary protein boost. Win-win.

Just one more reason why I like to let my chickens free-range.

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