Autumn Spiced Pears

This is another super easy but delish recipe! The ginger in it warms you through so it makes an excellent dessert on a cold evening.

Prep time – less than 5 minutes.

Baking time – 20 minutes for canned pears, 40 minutes for fresh pears.

Autumn Spiced Pears 2

Preheat oven to 400 F.

You’ll need either 1 fresh sliced pear or an appropriate amount of sliced canned pears for each person

Ginger powder

Nutmeg powder

Allspice powder

Cinnamon/sugar mixture

For each serving, arrange pear slices in a glass baking dish. If using canned pears, add the liquid. If using fresh sliced pears add 1/4 cup water per pear.

Sprinkle each of the spices over the top of the pears and liquid – lightly – see photo.

Bake 20 minutes if using canned pears or 40 minutes if using fresh pears.

Set baking dish on a rack to cool slightly.

Serve warm. May be topped with a scoop of ice cream if you wish.


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