Another Look at COVID-19 Statistics

A Rational Look at the So-Called Covid 19 – Pandemic

Monday, 13 April 2020

Hugo Salinas Price

2,835,205 Americans died in the year 2018. (Source: National Vital Statistics System).

Humans have a habit of dying, and as the population of the US has grown since 2018, the figures we shall eventually see for total deaths in the US in 2019, will very likely be a bit larger, and the same holds for 2020.

Let us take the figures for 2018 – 2,835,205 deaths – and divide by 365 to get the daily death toll for the US: 7,768 Americans died every day in 2018.

In three months of 2018 – 90 days – 699,120 Americans died of all causes, including simple old age.

The world is being deliberately terrorized, and fear is a great obstacle to human reasoning – always fairly weak in itself – by a dreadful fear of death due to the infamous Covid-19 virus.

We are told that the US is suffering a pandemic of covid-19 infections, and the number of deaths it’s causing is the continuous theme presented to us, day in and day out, by the Media.

The fact is that Americans are suffering a pandemic of misinformation, whose object is to terrorize them into quiet submission to the despotism of those who govern.

The Internet shows us a total US death-toll due to Covid-19 as of April 13, of 22,000. This so-called “Covid-19 Pandemic” began some 90 days ago, and ought to be compared to the total deaths in 90 days, which in 2018 was of 699,120 Americans. 22,000/699,120 = 3.15% of normal, yearly recurring deaths in the US in the year 2018.

By way of comparison, the leading causes of death in the US have remained fairly stable over the last five years, and are Heart Disease, causing 647,457 deaths (23.5% of total in 2017) and Cancer, causing 599,108 deaths (21.3% of total in 2017). Source: Medical News Today.

I submit that a “Pandemic” that only produces 3.15% of the normally recurring deaths of Americans, is hardly a Pandemic, while Heart Disease and Cancer, which account for 44.8% of deaths in the US, are quite absent from the news.

I have a very big question: Why are we not favored with data regarding the ages of those dying of Covid-19?

Here’s what I think: a good number of deaths attributed to Covid-19 are deaths of aged people already at death’s-door, from Heart Disease or Cancer, or a host of other sicknesses that carry-off older people. So that when all the data is in, later on, it will be noticed that the total number of deaths registered in 2020, was actually in line with the number of deaths in previous years.

And yet the American Media are terrorizing the American people, 24/24 hours a day, with an overpowering fear of dying of Covid-19.

What should really terrify the American nation, is not fear of dying of an infection of Covid -19, but terror of the purposes of those who govern the US, and who are cowing the Nation into submission to their purpose of achieving total despotic power over a once-free Nation.

That said, what is yet to come will be a devastating collapse of the economy of the US, due to the suspension of normal economic activity for so many months.

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