Climate Denier/Climate Realist

Okay, I’ll admit it.

The term “Climate Denier” rankles me because NO ONE denies that climate exists, and no one with any real knowledge denies that climate changes, and IS changing.

So how about we quit with the Sophomoric name calling and look at some real facts? Please?

The climate is changing. Yes. Accepted fact.

The questions are:

  1. Has it changed before? Answer, yes, drastically, in both directions. Archaeology all over the world backs this up.
  2. How much has it changed before? Oh, wait, the answer to number 1 already answered this one – drastically and in both directions. Hence the bodies and artifacts being disgorged from melting glaciers and the cities around the world buried under many feet of sea/lake water, and some of the now dry areas yielding artifacts showing that they were once shoreline or moor or even completely under water.
  3. Since drastic changes, both up and down, have occurred in the past, what caused them and how are those causes related to the changes occurring today? Good question! Here’s one author’s take on that:

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