Like it or not,

Want to admit it or not,

The United States of America is at war.

Right now.

Right here.

The battle lines have been drawn.

One side has partially taken up arms and embraced violence to win their point,

But not totally – yet.

The other side,

While being accused daily of a long history of violence,

Prefers to hold to the ideals of peace and discourse – for now.

But they too are willing and able

To take up arms in defense of

Their liberties,

Their families,

Their rights of worship, and,

Their nation.

They just continue to hope

And pray

That it will never come to that,

At least not in their lifetime.

One side wants to destroy all reminders of history,

Just like radical Islam,

But this side, this group,

Does not openly embrace the concept of

Jihad –


The other side says,

Wait just a minute!

History has valuable lessons to teach us.”

They embrace the concept spoken by many through the years (at least since Edmond Burke, though incorrectly attributed to many who came 100 or more years after him):

Those who refuse to learn from the mistakes of the past

Are doomed to repeat those same mistakes.

The first side embraces the concept spoken by a few which says,

Learning from the past simply fills the mind with ideas

Which seep from a poisoned well.

As children we learned from our own history…

Touch a hot stove and get burned.

But now,

As adults,

Some believe we will be poisoned

If we learn the lessons of

Runnymede 1215,

And the events that led there.

What foolishness!

It’s time to choose your side.

To quote a great leader from history,

As for me and my house,

We will serve the Lord.”

And that includes defending



Worship of God




Another truism says that the victors write the history books.

Who will write our grandchildren’s history books?

Comments and civil discussion are welcome.


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