COVID-19 Memes

I’ve received quite a few memes related to this bug that’s got everyone trembling in their boots. Most of them are okay, but here are several that I personally enjoyed.

There’s a mix of funny (do YOU have a sense of humor?), informative, and disrespectful, but, hey, that’s ME!

These two need no introduction, although I must admit to wondering just a bit how inhalation works with the safe sax :


Love this :Welcome mat!!!

Covid welcome mat


Some advice from a Nobel laureate biophysicist

Covid 19 - control panic


The CDC website (as of 7/13/20) says the biophysicist was correct months ago, and still is, even though you won’t hear any of this on the mainstream media

2020-7-13 CDC best estimate fatality rate

Will somebody please explain to me why with a “best estimate” of barely over 1/2 of 1 percent overall fatality ratio we’re destroying our economy and our lives?????

Oh, ya. Now I remember… It’s a side effect of TDS.

Okay, enough editorializing on my part. Back to the memes…

Covid batman after quarantine


That one hurts my eyes!



Food for thought

COVID-19 vs Zinc deficiency

This one wasn’t dated so I have NO CLUE what the time frame on it was, just know that this death toll is a wee bit lower than current values, which are at least as badly inflated by the CDC’s reporting requirements and the media as Batman.

COVID vs other pandemics

And there you have my collection.

Any more you’d like to add????

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