8 Year Old Girl Cheers Local Police

After reading this story and the story of Bridger https://eclecticmusings.blog/2020/07/18/real-life-6-year-old-super-hero/

I can’t help thinking of what Isaiah said so many years ago…

“…and a little child shall lead them.” Isaiah 11:6

These are truly 2 children in 2 different families, 2 different states, who are leading us.

These children know how to bring peace to our troubled world! May we all learn to follow their lead.

Photo courtesy of Don Hudson

An 8-year-old Utah girl gives cookies to police officers to ‘make them feel better’

By Heather Kelly, KSL Newsradio | Updated – Jun. 25, 2020 at 6:02 p.m. | Posted – Jun. 19, 2020 at 7:39 a.m.

UPDATE 06/25/2020 — Since this story was first reported, Crystal Mateer says her family delivered cookies to 50 police stations, including Utah Highway Patrol (UHP) and Sheriff offices, across the Wasatch Front.

Mateer says “our kids were really sad when it was over, so they decided to start a GoFundMe campaign.” They hope to raise enough money to reach every UHP, Sheriff and police station in the state of Utah — which will be 86 more deliveries.

“It will cost $4000 to pay for gourmet cookies for the other 86 stations.” says Mateer. And they plan to drive to each and everyone in Utah.

The original idea was from 8-year old Helena who wanted to make the local officers in Springville feel better, by giving them cookies, after she saw protesters being “mean” to police on television.

Mateer believes receiving the cookies was therapeutic for some officers. She says, “many of them burst into tears, and said they were grateful there were people who understood what they’ve been going through.”

The family accidentally raised $2500 after friends and family heard Helena’s idea. Now, they are asking for money in earnest to put a smile on the faces of all police officers across the Beehive State.

“It will cost $4000 to pay for gourmet cookies for the other 86 stations.” says Mateer. And they plan to drive to each and everyone in Utah.

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SPRINGVILLE — Eight-year-old Helena Mateer saw some of the protests in response to George Floyd‘s death on television. She said she didn’t understand why people were being so mean to police officers and it made her cry.

Her mother, Crystal Mateer, and her husband, Jordan, sat down with their three children to explain “there are injustices and racism in the world — and people sometimes make bad decisions.”

But, they also have many family members serving in the military and as police officers. “It’s important and possible to support both causes,” Crystal Mateer said.

“My daughters were upset that all police were being judged by the actions of one officer,” Crystal Mateer explained.

So, Helena turned to something that always makes her feel better. Cookies. Helena then asked her mother to order a box of cookies for their local police officers in Springville.

When friends and family heard about the gesture, they started giving Helena’s father money to buy more cookies. Within one-week, the Mateer’s had $2500 in hand, just through word of mouth.

That was enough money for a box of cookies for almost every police station in Utah, Davis, Wasatch and Weber County.

And that’s exactly what the Mateer’s family is doing. They packed up their car and are driving around the Wasatch Front giving cookies to police officers to make them feel better.


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