I Goofed on Earlier “Great News” Post

For those who may have seen it, I mistakenly cited a source that is usually reliable and didn’t check their facts before citing them. MY MISTAKE! I’m sorry!

So, here is the actual data as a screenshot direct from the CDC and including their web address

And if that’s too small for you to read, you can follow this link:


What it says is, “For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned.” That means 94% of the deaths being attributed to COVID-19 have significant other causes of death ranging from cancer to heart disease to poisoning.

Doing the math, as of August 22, 2020, 6% of the 161,302 deaths being ascribed to COVID-19 means that 9,678 deaths were due to COVID-19 alone (comparable to 3 days worth of automobile accident deaths https://policyadvice.net/car-insurance/insights/how-many-people-die-in-car-accidents/) and 151,623 deaths attributed to the virus had other serious problems.

And here’s the CDC’s chart showing expected (normal for the week) deaths versus adding in COVID-19.

Pretty pathetic reason for destroying the entire national economy, scaring people out of their wits, destroying our liberty, permanently closing a great many businesses that could not outlast the completely unnecessary lockdown, and massively increasing the national debt to give laid off people a pittance to compensate them for the loss of their ability to provide for themselves.

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