There Couldn’t Be Any Contention In The World…

if everyone had food like this.

That was my cherished husband’s comment as he ate dinner this evening.

It was a simple dinner… an omelet made with eggs from our chickens, left over vegetables from our garden that I had cooked last night, herbs from the garden, and cheese plus fresh corn on the cob and fresh ripe peaches sliced into a bowl. It was a symphony in yellow, and it was delicious, if I say so myself. No added sugar, but my lips sure tasted sweet after I finished eating!

Yes, the majority of my garden is indoors, sheltered from the frequent frosts, high winds, and hail storms. Besides, the raised beds are much easier on an old lady’s back, hips, and knees!

But, back to dinner and my dear husband’s comment.

I had to remind him that there are too many people in the world who are not willing to share. That, I believe, is the true cause of contention and wars. People who are unwilling to share with those around them and who think that if they have more than someone else, that somehow makes them “better” – at least in their own eyes. What a sad existence!

There is so much joy to be found in sharing whatever wealth we have. Any other course leads only to frustration and sorrow and anger and depression.

2 thoughts on “There Couldn’t Be Any Contention In The World…

  1. Do you have snow already? Did you hear Dr. Ben Carson’s speech?He talked about how his mother refused to let her sons believe they were victims.She assured them they could become anything they wanted to be.She insisted they read books about doctors and scientists instead of watching TV.She encouraged them to be their best and to contribute in a positive way in all they did.Children from the ghetto don’t have to end up being losers.What an example he is!!!!!What a wonderful mother he has!!!!! I love your garden:)!!!!!The raised beds are my kind of gardening,so much easier to take care of.Glad it’s inside:)!!!!! We have had peas, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, raspberries, strawberries.The grapes are getting ripe, lots of grapes, always lots of grapes.My neighbor has squash and zucchini so we have lots of squash.The rhubarb has not done well this year.Usually Doug puts fertilizer on it; he didn’t.Instead of having 4 crops by now, we’ve only had 2.We have Mint, Chamomile and another herb, forget which one it is.Cantaloupe and watermelon are still trying to get here.The fact that we’ve had any garden this year is a miracle:)Love you:)


    • No snow yet. That’s a picture from last winter. Your garden, as usual, sounds wonderful! And yes, we did hear Dr. Carson’s speech, and I agree with you completely. Good books rather than television (or “the Idiot box as I refer to it) can make all the difference for both growing children and adults. Think how much better off our whole society would be if both children and adults spent their evening hours reading great literature including both fiction and non-fiction, history, and scriptures. And please note that I do not include romance novels or cartoons, or even most modern fantasy novels, in the list of great literature.


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