Painful as HELL but Light MUST Shine to stop the Pain

Many of us have cringed or reacted with disgust or mortification as we’ve listened to or read about the infamous Epstein, his Lolita Express, his island hideaway, and many “big”names supposedly associated with the horrific sexual abuse that apparently occurred. But there is more to the story, much more.






Victimless crimes


Trafficking – yes, even in the United States of America – TODAY. Trafficking includes prostitution and pornography, of children, teens, and adults.

Ugly, horrible words that no one wants to think about or read about or do anything about.

Most victims don’t have a voice.

Many victims don’t have a way out

Even as their hearts and minds scream for safety, for refuge, for the pain, the shame, the guilt, and the ugliness to stop.

Victimless crimes you say?

Perhaps there may be a few who would choose to be photographed for porn or would choose prostitution if better alternatives were truly available to them, but most make those choices because of earlier events in which they had no choice.

Teens who were raped

Or were victims of incest

Or who ran away from home

(some run away because they have been abused, some run away because they don’t like rules, but whatever the reason, run away children/teens, boys and girls alike, are extremely high risk for rape and being lured into the “professions” of prostitution and pornography)

Teens make easy prey for the victimizers because they have such poorly developed social skills coupled with dreamy ideals about how they are going to do so much to improve the world.

Offer them love.

Offer them a chance at a high paying job and a life of ease and luxury.

Offer them freedom from parents’ rules.

Lies. All lies. But very effective lies.

None of this would exist without people who were willing to pay for sex and sexual stimulation.

Johns they are called.

Not every child or woman who is abused or raped or victimized by incest will turn to out to be victims of trafficking because some find REAL help, REAL safety, REAL hope. I know because I was one of the lucky ones. And it has taken me 50 years to be willing to say anything at all about the precipice I once stood on the edge of, and what I am willing to say is still very limited. The Pickens family though probably saved my life – in more ways than one.

YOU can help.

YOU can make a difference.

If you care, check out this website

And pay attention to the children and teens around you.

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