A Year’s Supply of Food – Scotch Broth

$300 to provide a basic one year supply of food for a family 4! Sounds wonderful, doesn't it!? For some reason, this recipe, and variations of it, often called Bean Soup, seems to make the rounds of preparedness groups/forums/email lists every few years, and since I've now had it sent to me 3 times in … Continue reading A Year’s Supply of Food – Scotch Broth

Baby Trees, Dirt, and a Revelation

During the first two summers we lived here, we planted over 150 trees and shrubs of various types, all supposed to do well in this hardiness zone (5A). (See https://eclecticmusings.blog/2020/06/18/usda-hardiness-zones/ for explanation). Fourteen of them were eaten and killed by local antelope before we got our fence. Ouch! Several more were killed by the steers … Continue reading Baby Trees, Dirt, and a Revelation

Peaceful Means – What Can We Do?

In previous articles (https://eclecticmusings.blog/2021/03/14/is-it-time-to-dispose-of-the-constitution/ https://eclecticmusings.blog/2021/03/16/our-heritage-liberty-what-is-it-why-is-it-important/ https://eclecticmusings.blog/2021/03/25/the-constitution-from-the-beginning/), I briefly discussed what liberty is and began to examine liberties lost. I also promised to address peaceful means of regaining lost liberties. Although there is much more to be evaluated in terms of liberties guaranteed in the Constitution, but currently lost to us as citizens, I wish to … Continue reading Peaceful Means – What Can We Do?