Nanoclay – The Liquid Turning Desert to Farmland

This looks promising! Reducing water needs nearly 50% is HUGE for attempts to grow crops on this bit of high desert. Time to look at my soil test results again and see just how much (little) clay there is in my soil and see if I can improvise on this myself. Nanoclay: the liquid turning … Continue reading Nanoclay – The Liquid Turning Desert to Farmland

Former FDA Chief on 6′ Social Distance

We're supposed to "follow the science" even though they didn't???

Saturday General Conference Musings

Twice a year, in October and April, my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, meets for a world wide General Conference presided over by the man we sustain as the one and only anointed and set apart Prophet of God on the earth today, accompanied by the twelve currently living Apostles … Continue reading Saturday General Conference Musings

Painful as HELL but Light MUST Shine to stop the Pain

Many of us have cringed or reacted with disgust or mortification as we've listened to or read about the infamous Epstein, his Lolita Express, his island hideaway, and many "big"names supposedly associated with the horrific sexual abuse that apparently occurred. But there is more to the story, much more. Abuse Rape Incest Prostitution Pornography Victimless … Continue reading Painful as HELL but Light MUST Shine to stop the Pain

I Goofed on Earlier “Great News” Post

For those who may have seen it, I mistakenly cited a source that is usually reliable and didn't check their facts before citing them. MY MISTAKE! I'm sorry! So, here is the actual data as a screenshot direct from the CDC and including their web address And if that's too small for you to read, … Continue reading I Goofed on Earlier “Great News” Post

Compiled Research on COVID-19

I found this blog post, and it's associated links, to be eye-opening, to say the least, but, a word of warning, if you WANT to believe everything you've heard on television, from Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx, from the Democrat party leaders, Democrat governors, CDC and World Health Organization, etc., then do yourself a big … Continue reading Compiled Research on COVID-19