B.O.B. a.k.a. Bug Out Bag

What is a Bug Out Bag? Some people call them “72-hour kits” or even "96-hour kits." They get a lot of attention from time to time, as well they should! You may have thought about putting one together…someday. Maybe you started to put one together for yourself, but, you got overwhelmed with all of the … Continue reading B.O.B. a.k.a. Bug Out Bag

72-hour kit – 5 gallon bucket

Note: a 5-gallon (or any other size) bucket may be a handy storage container, but if you have to carry it any distance, you will be cursing it as it hurts your hands, shoulders, and bangs constantly on your ankles and legs. On the other hand, as with all suggested lists for 72-hour kits, there … Continue reading 72-hour kit – 5 gallon bucket