I Goofed on Earlier “Great News” Post

For those who may have seen it, I mistakenly cited a source that is usually reliable and didn't check their facts before citing them. MY MISTAKE! I'm sorry! So, here is the actual data as a screenshot direct from the CDC and including their web address And if that's too small for you to read, … Continue reading I Goofed on Earlier “Great News” Post

Face mask Fact vs Fiction

We've all seen the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube... posts about making face masks to help out the local hospital/nursing home/first responders... Ya, you know the ones I'm talking about. Well, when you get right down to the nitty gritty of it, wouldn't you like to know that if you're doing this project, you're doing it in … Continue reading Face mask Fact vs Fiction

Alphabetical List of My Favorite Books on Herbs

Many times through the years, I've been asked for a list of my favorite books on learning to use herbs, then later, to identify and wild harvest them. Although the list has changed quite a few times as I've found new books that I like better than old ones, some have remained consistent favorites. That … Continue reading Alphabetical List of My Favorite Books on Herbs

Building your own customized Essential Oil First Aid Kit

Pharmaceuticals – isolated & concentrated chemicals, originally isolated from plants, target specific disorders, usually by suppressing symptoms. Ex. Diabetes & cholesterol treatments Essential oils – vast array of different chemicals in minute amounts, all work synergistically to benefit health. Like herbs, many essential oils, because of this wide array of active ingredients, work to bring … Continue reading Building your own customized Essential Oil First Aid Kit

Medical Preparedness – Why Me?

It had been a long day and a long drive up to the mountain. My wife and I had just started pitching our tent by lantern light when our friend came running to our site. She said "Bryan grab your bag there's an emergency, my neighbor just accidentally shot himself." I dropped what I was … Continue reading Medical Preparedness – Why Me?

Emergency Childbirth class outline

This is not a class in how to be a midwife. It is a class discussing normal labor and birth, how to assist a laboring mother and her newborn without causing problems, and, some ways to handle some emergencies in the event that trained medical assistance in not available.   Childbirth is NOT the extremely … Continue reading Emergency Childbirth class outline