A Few Water Conservation Tips

General Never pour water down the drain when there may be another use for it. Use it to water your indoor plants or outdoor garden. Make sure your home is leak-free. Take a reading of the water meter. Wait 30 minutes without using any water and then take a second reading. If the meter reading … Continue reading A Few Water Conservation Tips

Iodine for water purification

Iodine should not be used by any of the following: those on thyroid medication, lithium medication, pregnant women, those with allergies to iodine or shellfish, or people with active thyroid disease.   It appears safe for short term use (3 month) for others. Add the recommended amount, mix it well in the water and let … Continue reading Iodine for water purification

Using Dry Chlorine Powder/Granules for disinfecting water

Because of the danger associated with both storing and using it, the Church does not recommend it. Recognizing that some people are looking for a compact, non-deteriorating substitute for chlorine bleach (which frequently contains other harmful chemicals as well), I asked a chemist for measurements for appropriate use of dry chlorine for water disinfection. This … Continue reading Using Dry Chlorine Powder/Granules for disinfecting water