Baby Trees, Dirt, and a Revelation

During the first two summers we lived here, we planted over 150 trees and shrubs of various types, all supposed to do well in this hardiness zone (5A). (See for explanation). Fourteen of them were eaten and killed by local antelope before we got our fence. Ouch! Several more were killed by the steers … Continue reading Baby Trees, Dirt, and a Revelation

Nanoclay – The Liquid Turning Desert to Farmland

This looks promising! Reducing water needs nearly 50% is HUGE for attempts to grow crops on this bit of high desert. Time to look at my soil test results again and see just how much (little) clay there is in my soil and see if I can improvise on this myself. Nanoclay: the liquid turning … Continue reading Nanoclay – The Liquid Turning Desert to Farmland

There Couldn’t Be Any Contention In The World…

if everyone had food like this. That was my cherished husband's comment as he ate dinner this evening. It was a simple dinner... an omelet made with eggs from our chickens, left over vegetables from our garden that I had cooked last night, herbs from the garden, and cheese plus fresh corn on the cob … Continue reading There Couldn’t Be Any Contention In The World…

My Mother’s Gardening Secret

My mother was widely considered to always have the best garden for miles around, for as long as I can remember. When asked what her secret was, she would always tell people, “The secret is in the soil.” That’s all. Just, “The secret is in the soil.” Some would then ask her if she made … Continue reading My Mother’s Gardening Secret

Busy Days! And Seed Saving

It's spring! That means outdoor activity around here has sprung into high gear. The hyacinths and tulips have finished their bloom cycles. The strawberries, peaches, apricots, plums, and nectarines are blossoming. The onions that overwintered, as well as the freshly planted ones, are coming up strong and healthy and happy. The rhubarb that the chickens … Continue reading Busy Days! And Seed Saving


#Store-bought factory eggs.We all know them.So lovely, all uniformly gleaming white, uniform size and shape in their carton. Crack them open and you see a very pretty, sort of lemony-yellow yolk.#Locally raised, farm fresh truly free-range eggs.Talk about VARIETY! These eggs come in all kinds of colors - ranging from white to pinkish to tan … Continue reading OF EGGS AND EGG-SPENCES