Disney Quarantine Parody

It's been a good while since I've laughed this hard! And I've heard it said that laughter is good medicine.  ***Now, where's my inhaler since I've laughed myself into an asthma attack?*** Well done Kurt Tocci!!! https://youtu.be/iVC01GxFwDg If you need a list of characters being parodied, this is my best attempt at "translation" of character … Continue reading Disney Quarantine Parody


Extremely possessive and/or jealous of people and/or things. May not be toward you at first, but might be observed in other relationships, or with possessions. Irrational with jealousy, anger, or fear for safety of self, you, or any other person. May try to convince you that something you have been doing for a long time … Continue reading DANGER SIGNALS WHEN DATING

Ancient Mars May Have Thawed Through Methane Bursts

By Charles Q. Choi, Space.com Contributor | October 2, 2017 11:34am ET Ancient Mars may have been warmed by bursts of methane trapped under its surface, a new study finds — which could help explain past episodes of warmer, wetter climate on the otherwise freezing Red Planet. Although Mars is now cold and dry, there … Continue reading Ancient Mars May Have Thawed Through Methane Bursts