My last article ( began to address the topic of peaceful means of restoring liberty. The two general ways discussed were first, the need to be extremely cautious and research the HISTORY of political candidates when choosing local and state officers because they are the first line of defense against usurpation of authority by the … Continue reading PEACEFUL MEANS to RESTORE LIBERTY, part 2

Peaceful Means – What Can We Do?

In previous articles (, I briefly discussed what liberty is and began to examine liberties lost. I also promised to address peaceful means of regaining lost liberties. Although there is much more to be evaluated in terms of liberties guaranteed in the Constitution, but currently lost to us as citizens, I wish to … Continue reading Peaceful Means – What Can We Do?

The Constitution – From the Beginning

Maria, in The Sound of Music, says, “Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start...” and so, in our examination of the United States Constitution, where we stand in relation to it and the liberties it guarantees us, let’s start at the very beginning – with the well-known Preamble. We the … Continue reading The Constitution – From the Beginning

James Madison – Preservation of a free government

Our Constitution of these United States of America is at present under a serious and secretive attack. Some are beginning to see the effects of that attack. Others yet remain asleep, or worse, welcome the destruction of our liberties under this pernicious attack. James Madison wrote regarding another attack on liberties, words that we today … Continue reading James Madison – Preservation of a free government

Constitutional Right or Natural Right?

John Locke wrote that the preservation of mankind is the most basic law of human nature. Although he probably had the most significant influence on the framers of the Constitution of the United States of all those who wrote previously about natural rights, the concept of natural law did not originate with him. Natural law … Continue reading Constitutional Right or Natural Right?