Former FDA Chief on 6′ Social Distance

We're supposed to "follow the science" even though they didn't???

Another Look at COVID-19 Statistics

A Rational Look at the So-Called Covid 19 - Pandemic Monday, 13 April 2020 Hugo Salinas Price 2,835,205 Americans died in the year 2018. (Source:┬áNational Vital Statistics System). Humans have a habit of dying, and as the population of the US has grown since 2018, the figures we shall eventually see for total deaths in … Continue reading Another Look at COVID-19 Statistics

COVID-19 & the Territory – 150 Year Old Controversy

Good article on the suppression of information about this virus, other pathogens, and ways to stay healthy. The Territory referred to is the natural ability of the human body to defend itself against pathogens. Coronavirus Crisis Reopens 150-Year-Old Controversy By Karen Selick April 20, 2020 I look at the coronavirus crisis differently from most people. … Continue reading COVID-19 & the Territory – 150 Year Old Controversy